Friday, October 18, 2013

Update on the Rich Toys Book!

JoAnn Belanger, Rita Goranson, and Patty Cooper are still busy working on a book about the fiberboard dollhouses and buildings made by Rich Toys of Clinton, Iowa.

So far, they have been able to identify more than a hundred different models made by the company between 1935 and 1961.

They are hoping to show actual examples of each house as well as documentation from catalogs and advertisements. If you have (or think you might have) a Rich Toys dollhouse (or other building) and are willing to have it included in the book, please contact JoAnn at or Patty at

They are also looking for any additional information about the company and their products, including catalogs, advertisements, and old photographs.

Your help would really be appreciated!


  1. I have been very slow about getting together information on Rich Toys, but finally started writing it up a week ago. Reading it over this evening, I see there are some discrepancies, so I'll check them out and hopefully have it ready to email Patty very soon.
    Did they only start making dolls houses after the move to Iowa? I have been looking mainly at census and city directory info, and Rich Bros had started making toys in Morrison, Illinois, by 1930 - but perhaps that didn't include dolls houses?

  2. Have you written your book yet? I have a Rich Toys dollhouse from 1952. I just started researching the dollhouse when I found your blog. I'd love to have my dollhouse included!

  3. The ladies writing the book are still in the process....Please contact Patty or JoAnn (emails listed above) with a picture of your house. They have found over 100 different models of Rich is possible they do not have a picture of yours yet! Cheers, Florine

  4. I have this exact same dollhouse! Mine isn't in as good of condition. It also has little porch lights on it. I assume it was made in the 30's. I've never seen another one like it until now.

  5. I also have this wonderful dollhouse...the one pictured above belongs to one of the authors of the Rich Toys Dollhouse book that was recently published. I haven't blogged about it because the authors are trying to make sure all the people who shared pictures of their own Rich houses can obtain a copy of the book. It is available to view or purchase on the Blurb website at It's a great book for any collector of vintage American dollhouses from the 1930s-1950s.