Sunday, December 30, 2012

In search of Pat. Pending.....

A year and a half, make that 19 months, exactly 554 days ago Lester Lurch's sister-in-law Letty Lurch and her twins Larry Lurch and Linda Lurch turned up on his doorstep.

Usually she just "visited" for 2-3 months....but this time she stayed and stayed....and stayed some more. It seems that her man, Lester's no-good brother Loxley Lurch, had disappeared....without a word to Letty and of course leaving no forwarding address. Letty was sure he wasn't in the slammer, that's where  cousin Lazarus Lurch was back in May of 2011.  So Lester and Lydia welcomed his brother's family with almost open arms.

Months passed with no sign of Loxley.  Then Lazarus was paroled from the big house and Lester, fearing that Lazarus thought he had "fingered" him,  decided he needed to go into hiding....with his family.

Lester was sure that by the time he considered it safe to come out of hiding, Letty and her kids would be gone....they weren't.  And they had made themselves quite at home.

Lester decided to hire a private detective....and hearing that Smitty, who sold him his pink Cadillac, was a man of many talents, Lester went to see him.

After some diligent hunting...and getting lucky, Smitty managed to locate Loxley Lurch in Knoxville where Loxley was using the alias Pat. Pending.  Loxley got that idea because it was stamped on the bottom of his shoe.


Now Lester has purched three one-way bus tickets to Knoxville and is seeing Letty Lurch, Larry Lurch, and Linda Lurch off at the station. Will we ever hear from Letty and her beautiful children again? Who knows? That depends on Miss Patty, the moll who has been hiding Loxley...err...Pat. Pending the last 554 days. This story may be continued.....


  1. Florine, I loved your update. On closer inspection- Smitty reminds me of Burt Reynolds from the 70's!, also the kids toys are pretty terrific. All the best for the New Year!

  2. Thank you Philip! Smitty will not be posing for centerfolds...but there is another update coming from Knoxville very soon!

  3. What a great way to show your stuff! Thanks for the post and best wishes for a Happy New Year! Troy