Sunday, September 9, 2012

Finding the missing pieces....

When I first saw this house, I wasn't  sure if it was a Keystone of Boston . I ticked off the characteristics of the Keystones....roof, chimney, door, and shutters looked like the ones Keystone produced in the 1940s. But the windows were large and empty while most of the Keystones during that period  had the metal diamond-pane double windows that swung open. But it came to live with me, and for several years sat on the shelf with a blank look on its' face and a bit of Nancy Forbes furniture inside.  

Then I saw this house on an auction site with pretty half windows and the original box that indicated it WAS a Keystone of Boston. I was glad that I had guessed correctly! But it still sat on the shelf....unloved...for many more months. Not long after, another collector contacted me through my Keystone dollhouse site telling me she had the same dollhouse and with hers came one of the original card windows. She was able to reproduce the windows/curtains and had them available on her Etsy site, TFTTreasures. Sally not only has the windows, but also the decorative covers for the curved stairs in the 1947-50 dollhouses! I believe she also makes the card insert for the Keystone fireplace for these same era homes, although it is not currently listed on her site.
What a difference finding the missing pieces
makes to this wonderful old dollhouse!

Although all of the orginal curtains were blue,
Sally makes them in red, green and yellow also!

I had fun decorating it....the furniture is by Strombecker, the lamp is Jaydon and the fireplace is Lynnfield-Blockhouse. I used a permanent black ink pen to create "hardwood" floors like other Keystones of the same time period.  And since I had card curtains, I decided to add card pictures too!

More Strombecker furniture is found in the kitchen...

A chair and side table made by Kage sits in the corner, while the rest of the furniture is Strombecker.  And I finally used the  decorative stitches on my sewing machine...!

and Strombecker in the bathroom also! is so nice to find the missing pieces!
Thank you , Sally!


  1. Hi Florine, those windows are wonderful and really bring the house back to life! I love the way you decorated it, especially the floorboards.

  2. Wow, what a difference. The house looks great! You did a great job decorating it too. I was not familiar with the cards. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. You have a wonderful knack for taking the vintage furniture and making the vintage dollhouse rooms look comfortable, warm and inviting! Best, Neen

  4. what a difference... it looks lived in and loved, just what we all want our homes to look like!... good job! isn't it lovely that if we wait, we usually find what we need. cheers christine

  5. Hello
    I just found your blog and are now your newest followers. I like the first lines you use to present yourself in terms of being out of control in relation to ownership of dollhouses. Very truly and clearly formulated. We are many who are out of control when it comes to our miniature passion.You have so many fine houses, I have never seen so many beautiful houses with one person. Wonderful. I am looking forward to follow you.

    Good luck
    Wyrna from A fairytale come true