Saturday, December 10, 2011

A New House for Daisy

When Donald asked Daisy to marry him, he promised to buy her their very own house.....

..... but he didn't tell her it would be made of cardboard!

And she didn't tell him she was just a plastic dolly!

"Here, let me help you up, Daisy.  Someone needs to take an x-acto knife and cut the front door open...or build steps so you can get into the house without help.  Hop up and I'll show you the new house I promised you!"

"Pretty comfy living room, right? All the furniture came with the house...but that's my fish bowl on the radio.  You think the fish will get too warm up there? This is MY  chair here by the fireplace....,"  said Donald.

"Hmmm," thinks Daisy. "This furniture is cardboard too....and what's with those gold ruffles on the chair and sofa? I think I will have to do some remodeling....maybe some nice plastic Renwal or Ideal furniture...."

"Not a bad kitchen-dining room combo," said Daisy. "Looks like the fridge and sink are just drawn on. Darn, why couldn't the stove be drawn on too?"

"Donald, pretty neat bedroom! A chest for you and a dresser for me! But why is the clock facing the wall?"

"Daisy, look how big the bathroom is! We have a linen cabinet and a Strombecker heater...."

"Donald, not a bad house, not a bad house indeed! It's a good thing you have your own chair as I seem to be taking up the whole couch!"
"Next on our list is having a party, Daisy!"
"Great, Donald.  We can invite all our newlywed friends!"

Daisy and Donald were happy when all their newlywed friends came to their party....let's see who is here......

This is really a young looking group....Fritz and Astrid talking to Jack and Jill....are they really old enough to be married?

There is Mildred in her slinky white wedding dress holding tightly to her new husband Angus and wondering just why Collette's dress is an off shade of white. And goodness, does Horace ever take that top hat off??!!"

And Grampa Fred Flagg with his trophy wife that number 5 or number 6 for him? Looks like he's exhausted already!

Ahh! Mr and Mrs Cake-Topper Nineteensixtysix talking to Mr and Mrs Kewpie Doll...Shirley made her hair pink just for her wedding day....hmm, looks like it's still pink.
And in the back is Zachary and Angela Ascot, still dreamy after being married 75+ years!

Daisy and Donald are happy their first party in their new house has been a success!

This little house was made by the Samuel Lowe Company in 1943; they also produced a popular line of children's books and many paper dolls that are highly collectable today.  Many of the cardboard houses of the 1930s-40s used the bottom of the box as the base for their houses. This house has its' own base....and this is the box it came in...

Cast of Characters:

Daisy and Donald:   4" plastic dolls with trademark Plasticbaby [baby holding banner with the words Plasticbaby]. Arms and legs are jointed, no country of origin but I often see them attributed to Germany and guessing 70s or their pouty faces....or, are they holding their breath?

The Kewpies:  4" plastic or celluloid dolls marked Made in Japan. The added clothes are of crepe paper and organza; notice the dolls are barefooted...but the guys' feet have been painted black to resemble shoes. Styles reflect the 1920s but  no idea how old these dolls are.

 Fritz and Astrid:  3" soft plastic dolls with "Germany East" decal; resemble dolls that are sold as Ari, but these do not have the Ari trademark. Boy's head is jointed, girl's head is not.

Jack and Jill:  3 1/2" bisque dolls in 20s style but no trademark or country of origin; girl has had a re-paint but boy looks original.

Mr and Mrs Cake-Topper Nineteensixtysix:  definitely 1966 as this couple was on my wedding cake that same year.....yes, I was a child bride.

Fred and Bettina Flagg:  4" pliable vinyl dolls circa 1950 made in USA.  This difficult old curmudgeon didn't want his picture taken, kept throwing himself on the ground....AND I had to remove long blonde hairs from his suit before I could take pictures....wonder how long this marriage will last!

Mildred and Angus:  3" bisque couple...may be a cake topper from around 1930...that's just a guess as there are no markings to identify.

Zachary and Angela Ascot: At almost 5", these are my tallest newlyweds...and marked Made in Japan... in the 1920s style. She is unique in that she has one jointed arm that hooks into the crook of his arm. Short guys always like those Amazon women!

Collette and Horace:  These 3.25" dolls are identified in Tubbs' Dollhouse and Miniature Dolls  as bisque  1930s....clothes are made of felt and cheesecloth. Like Zachary and Fritz, Horace is forced to sleep in his top hat!


  1. thank you for this beautiful post - I love miniature bridal couples and you have so many!

  2. Fabulous!!! All of them are just adorable. Creative post. You have a great sense of humor. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lindas parejas de muñecos, me gusta este estilo y tamaño, y el relato muy creativo, gracias por enseñarlo

  4. Welcome back Florine. We missed you! I love, love, love this post. Thanks for identifying all the wedding couples!!

  5. Thanks and gracias everyone for the comments...I guess we never lose our fascination for brides and grooms!

  6. Ha! My husband is watching a boring movie, but I am laughing out loud! You have combined subtle wit with miniatures, you're my kind of gal!!!! Much love and appreciation for this awesome post!!! Elissa (

  7. Elissa, thank you for your words that made me smile! Cheers, Florine

  8. I just found this today, May 11, 2017 and have laughed so much!! Had I know about it in 2011 when you posted it here, I'd have been laughing now for years!! Love it, love it, love it!!!! Have you done any other things this cute and funny? I do things like this privately for family and friends and it's such fun!!