Sunday, December 4, 2011

a mail order bride for Harry

Harry Castleton enjoys visiting his good friends Freya and Arne Larsson who live in the dollhouse village.  Freya and Arne often take a little snooze when Harry is there. Harry doesn't mind because he enjoys their companionship even when they are asleep....and Freya's lack of housekeeping doesn't bother him either (added that since I didn't notice how dusty the floors were until I looked at the pictures...). Freya doesn't mind her lack of housekeeping either because she told Arne that was his job.

When I was in the village a few days ago, I heard a voice calling me.....

"Hey! Hey, dollhouse lady! When are we going to look for a pretty lady companion for ME?"

So I took Harry to my computer, sat him in  a comfy chair, pulled up eBay....and we started looking....

"Oh, she looks a little rigid....I bet she would make me pick my clothes up off the floor!  Let's look some more."

"Whoa Nellie! Look at those eyes! She would probably expect me to chase her around the house....I think I'm  a little too old for her!  Who's next?"

"An old fashioned girl...and spicy food, I bet. Do I need to control the mouse, dollhouse lady?"

"Now she's a real looker! Hmmn, wonder if she would drag me to the opera and stuff like that? Let's keep her in our watch list....."

"STOP RIGHT THERE! This is one classy lady! Anymore pictures?"

".....the girl of my dreams!"

"Can we order her, dollhouse lady? Please please please??? What's her name?"

Sure, Harry, if you think she's the one for you. It says her name is Sophie Goodman....Harry and Sophie...that sounds like a lifetime of happiness!

"I'm in love! I'm in love! I'm in love!"

This story to be continued......

Credits:  Harry and Sophie are  Caco dolls; Freya and Arne are Lundby dolls and live in a Micki Gemla house with Lundby furniture. The white furniture in their living room may be by Lerro, not sure. Harry's chair looks to be made by Kage.


  1. Oh, you gave me such a good laugh with your little story! Can't wait for the next episode! :-)

  2. I'm so happy for Harry! He really looks happy and excited... although I'm not sure he realises what a change from his carefree bachelor days being in a couple will be.

  3. Best wishes for Harry and Sophie! :-)
    When will she arrive?

  4. Thats pretty cute. I wish them my best!

  5. what a good news! Did you send a picture of Harry, to be sure, that Sophie loves him too? I'm sure, she will, but it would be fair to ask her opinion. But Harry is so enthusiastic, that i have no doubt, she will love him too. Best wishes to them (and to you for the end of this year! Merry Xmastime, have fun and lots of love)

  6. Aw, Florine what a cute lil´ story!! And also soooo good to have you back again!!

    Hugs, Nicola

  7. Hi Jennifer!....glad I made you smile!

    Harry is excited, Christine, just like Tom Cruise on Oprah! Bachelorette days are carefree also....

    Hello Lillie! Actually Sophie is already here...I've just been lax about reporting!

    Troy, your wishes are warmly welcomed!

    Hello again Bea! Nooooo! She accepted him sight unseen...hope there are no problems!

    Thank you Nicola! It is good to be back!

  8. What a hoot! Harry is one lucky lad to have a nice DOLL HOUSE LADY to care for him. What will happen if he needs a lawnmover or wants to order children? Fun post.

  9. What a great post. I laughed out loud. I hope Harry and his new bride hit it off when she arrives.