Thursday, June 3, 2010

A new home for the Ainsleys.........

And the house they chose is..........

HOUSE #3!   The Ainsleys moved into their new home 2 months ago and everyone is settling in nicely.

 Let's take a closer peek and see what everyone is doing....

Well, we sort of knew Nevil would be sitting in front of the TV, didn't we?

If we look closer, we can see that Fiona's favorite spot is on the second step where she can read her book or daydream while gazing out of the window....

Annie's in her favorite place...her nice big kitchen...once more looking for a new recipe to make a surprise treat for her family.

Little Sophie likes to play in the new big room she shares with Fiona and Cecil.....

and if we peek into the other bedroom, we will see little Rory napping in his crib....even while Sophie "plays" her piano.


Nevil has rearranged the washer and dryer so it will be easier to switch loads of clothes from the washer to the dryer when he is doing the laundry.

...and there is Cecil, actually sitting on the floor playing instead of balancing on top of a table.  And of course his favorite place to play is right behind Dad's chair....while Dad is trying to watch TV. The Ainsleys are enjoying their new home!

The furniture was made in Germany and sold by the FAO Schwarz Toy Store of NYC. The kitchen furniture was recently identified on Diepuppenstubensammlerin's blogspot as being made by Bodo Henning. The maker of the other furniture is unknown, but it was closely copied from the American Strombecker furniture of the 1930-50s. Rory's crib is a Lisa of Denmark product,  the bunkbed may be by Vero,  and the washer and dryer are a salt and pepper set!


  1. Hi Florine,
    I was just going to ask you, who made this wonderful washer/dryer. A salt and pepper set, one more! it's wonderful. I love this house, the wallpapers, the wonderful bathroom, and this tiny train, which Cecil is playing with. This house is a dream house , and the family will be very happy there, no doubt!

  2. Dear Florine, I discovered the Hennig kitchen right away, it looks still so bright after all those years, so well preserved - thanks for the photo - I will put it in my private Bodo-Hennig-Book which I am very busily working on ( I have already 60 pages).
    What a sweet idea to hang the upper cupboard quite low to serve as a work surface.
    And the children's bunk bed is also from Bodo Hennig, sold with different backcloth for many years in Germany.
    I thinktoo, Bodo Hennig and Erna Meyer dolls match perfectly...

  3. Congrats to the Ainsleys. What a fun story this was and the end result is fabulous. Love all the little details.

  4. Awwww - I hope I´ll not bore you, but in default of knowing better words, i´ll use the word "love" to often in my comment...

    I love to peek into doll´s houses and especially this one!! I love the wallpaper in every room, but the one in the diningroom most! I adore how everyone is doing something so lifelike how families are doing things, when they are at home! It´s soooo very cute how sophie is playing a lullaby on the tiny grand piano and Fiona sits on the stairs dreaming and reading - I loved to do that when I was small... :) I LOVE Cecil´s little railway landscape & train and I had to laugh because Nevil sits and trys to watch TV while Cecil is playing behind him ;D Mr. Lundby has the same "problem" with his 5 kids - one of them is always near to him asking: "Daddy (or Papi how we say in german) what is this and that..." And I really love Fiona´s Hennig kitchen and the small bottles under the cupboard.

    I have a christmas wish: I would love a photobook with all your sweet little stories and doll´s houses here from your blog!


  5. Hi Bea! I knew you would like the salt and pepper...can you imagine using that on your table...or the TV you sent a pic of? The little train set is made of metal...probably 40s or 50s. I think Cecil likes it as much as I do. Glad you like my big big house! Flo

  6. Hi!) that you are adding a picture of my Bodo Hennig kitchen to your private book! Thank you for identifying it in an earlier blog..and now the bunkbed too that I had seen on identified as Vero.
    We don't see Hennig furniture very often on eBay USA, and when we do it usually commands a high price. So I am very happy that FAO Schwarz imported special pieces so long ago for us to buy!

  7. Thank you thank you, Miss Amy! How about an update on the missing little peeps!

  8. Nicola you are much too nice!! I am very happy that you enjoyed my dollhouse and my story of the Ainsleys...I guess this blogging is my way of "playing dollhouse" once again.
    Your "christmas wish" was one of the nicest compliments I have ever received...thank you very much! Hugs to you, Florine

  9. The Ainsleys have chosen well I think. What a nice house especially the washer/dryer combo - what luxury the Ainsleys are enjoying!

  10. Thanks, Pan! Wonder why they would even need a washer/dryer as little dollies usually only have the clothes on their backs! Missed you and glad to see you are back! Hugs, Flo

  11. Hi Florine. I unpacked my new dollhouse last night. It looks just like the one in this post except it doesn't have the kitchen-bathroom addition. The wall where the kitchen is on yours is a solid piece - the windows are painted on - and the outside wall is pretty much the same as the opposite outside wall. I love the landscaping on this house.

    Someone has removed the door, painted it gray, shaved a wedge-shaped piece off the bottom and put it back on with new hinges. I can see the original criss-cross pattern under the paint. I don't know if I will be able to strip and restore it or if I will even try.

    Mine has three rooms upstairs - the dividers are screwed in and look original to me. The wallpaper is atrocious. It has to go ASAP. The wall underneath seem to be bare fibreboard.

    I am happy to have it though. I will get to work on it soon and get a post up. I just need to take some before pictures.


  12. Oh Susan, that is great! Now you can display both design sets. If you got the house on eBay, I watched it too. Nicer with 3 rooms upstairs, and I agree that the wallpaper was not the greatest.
    Will you do a before and after blog? That's a cute idea.
    I have a 4 room version of this house also, still in the box. I don't remember if the front is the same, but I know the wallpaper was I'm wondering if it has the 3 rooms upstairs.
    Looking forward to seeing your "after" pics!!

  13. Lucky you, to have another of these house. Although the way I find houses, I may end up with more than two. LOL

    Yes, I got it on eBay from New Jersey. It was the only one of this kind listed, so it would be the one you watched. It is unassembled at the moment, but I will set it up and do a before shot. I don't feel bad stripping and replacing the wallpaper because it is not original to the house. The floors have some damage, especially in the kitchen area (looks like spilled paint that was cleaned up badly) so I think will put a new kitchen floor down. I can't see any way to repair it.
    I am very excited about this house. I think I will decorate it for the Flaggs with mid-sixties modern wallpaper, etc.
    I can't wait!

  14. Lucky both of us to have one of each! They are such big houses, I think that is why my 4 room model is still in the box. Now you have made me want to get it out and decorate!