Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thank you Amy for a great spring vacation!

Rigoberta and Felipe Hogarin have just returned from a wonderful stay at the Lundby Lane time-share on Amy's Miniatures and Smalls site.  They stayed busy with horseback riding, dining and dancing and just enjoying the relaxing atmosphere on Lundby Lane.

Rigoberta is showing her beautiful new crystal vase to her daughter Talina and granddaughter Rocio.  "Oh, I must get my suitcases unpacked! I always dislike that part of a trip...but at least Consuela will do the laundry for me!" says Rigoberta.

"Oh NO!  Felipe!!  Where are the clothes? All that's in our suitcases is champagne! What have you done with our clothes?"

Felipe is busy sharing a really big homemade Ding Dong that sweet Millie sent back to Consuela and doesn't hear Rigoberta.

[Felipe enjoyed their stay at Millie and Martin's time-share so much that  he made a big sign to show his appreciation, and has asked me to post it on my blog so everyone will know how enjoyable the time share is.]

"NO NO NO, Felipe!" says Rigoberta, "That's what you write on a restroom wall to advertise a loose woman.  Oh, Felipe, what will I do with you?"


  1. I'm glad they got home safely - but maybe that bump on the head affected Felipe more than we realised? or has he always been like this? ;-)

  2. Well, he doesn't look like the brightest fellow around...or maybe he has been sampling some of that "booze" that Amy sent back with them!

  3. The ladies look as if they have enjoyed their holiday but Felipe seems not to have quite arrived home yet!


  4. Yes, he is a goofy little guy...always makes me smile!

  5. Hahaha - Felipe is such a crazy guy ;D