Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Keystone of Boston cottage

Keystone of Boston made some great dollhouses! This little cottage was probably made around 1940, as the style of roof falls between the late 1930's solid colored roof with printed shingles and the variegated colored shingles of the late 1940's houses. If you can't tell from the picture, this roof has embossed shingles...the only one of my 20 different Keystone houses with this type of roof. This house was new in the box when I received it, so it is in pristine condition for a 70 year old house. And, just like items we buy in the 21st century, the pre-drilled holes didn't line up!

A floating wall divides the two spaces; but there is plenty of room for Gramma Wuensche to read, crochet, and cook lunch for her grandkids when they visit! All the furniture is smaller size Strombecker with the exception of the bookcase made by the Kage Company.

The vanity holds items by Dolly Dear and the bureau has a lovely scarf made by my new eBay friend, Amy Korn. Yes, moms and grandmoms used dresser scarfs in the 1940's!

Gramma Wuensche has antimacassars on the backs of her sofa and chair....are you old enough to remember when everyone used these? She has the cookies ready on the table and is warming milk for the hot chocolate!

If you want to see more of my Keystone of Boston dollhouses (and this one before Gramma Wuensche moved in), visit my squidoo websites See my vintage Keystone of Boston dollhouses!
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  1. I love how you've softened the wooden furniture with crochet and knitting and embroidery, Flo - it looks very homely and lived in. I like the picture on the wall too - where is that from?

  2. Rebecca, your inquiry about the picture helped me to discover I have an original painting! The back of the picture was pink card with a hanging wire that looked "homemade", and since the frame is one of those 1930's that just bends around the print, I took it apart expecting to find the origin. Instead I found that it was an original painting on fabric that had been rather crudely hand sewn around a piece of cardboard and covered with thick cellophane. Signature is hard to make out, but looks to be either Winglani or Winsleni. Found it on eBay and even though it was pricey, it was a day when the bid wasn't pushed out of my reach...which made me happy! Thanks for asking!!
    Thanks for the tech help also! Didn't find exactly what you explained but did find My Blog List under Customize and Layout if I just remember that next time.

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog, love your little Keystone house. You asked how I attached the curtains in mine. I just used a TINY tack to secure them. Just need to make the rest of the curtains so the rooms look finished! Lizzie